So yes, I have not updated in a while.
This a stereotypical artist trend of a mixture of being too busy (school, projects, video games) and having other ‘priorities’ (social gatherings, being lazy, watching Boardwalk Empire, video games, 160 proof vodka).

Be assured I am still drawing while I can, in fact I’m working on something right now that should hopefully be up this week, but the time frames upon with what I had before are not currently available and I find myself continuing my current artistic, and possibly complicated and ‘drawn’ out time-wise, process rather than submitting simple stumpy pieces because, well gosh darn-it, I have set myself upon a standard of quality with my works that I must keep or improve upon.

And my shading and lighting must improve. And I’m now doing backgrounds! Which means MORE WORK AND SHADING FOR EVERY FRAME. But it will look damn good when its completed.

If they can’t be funny, at least they can look pretty. My work, I mean. *cough*