Members of my community have formed a Green Team in hopes of cleaning up our town and promoting better usage of energy!

Today at 6:30 PM-9ish PM, they are hosting a Green Convention at our Harry Williams Building on Black Horse Pike, where members from a solar company can assess your house to see if you qualify for free solar panels added to your home!

In addition to this and other tables and projects, I was asked to create a scene out of The Lorax, with the idea behind the story/movie of looking out for your environment and being considerate to others.

So I took a corner of the building and made my own version, using items and supplies laying around such as pool noodles, and spare decorations to create a scene that would mimic the feel, and something that the little ones that will be there could enjoy for a little bit. And that’s what I did with my day off from work on Columbus Day xD
I myself and another will be dressed as ‘Friends of the Lorax’ which may or may not include me dressing up with glasses and fuzzy mustache that has me looking like Dr. Robotnik 😛

Well, here are some pictures of how my idea turned out! (Note: I forgot about the gap between the pictures and the floor, it was too late at that point to I try to mentally block it out….)

In the gym

And there you have it! It doesn’t look like much, but we worked hard for what will be seen for only 2 hours. Hopefully others in the town can enjoy it as well!