Because I have like, no Willpower whatsoever apparently.
So… yeah. I got Black Ops 2/MW4 and got to level 21 in something like 5-6 hours.

It is not… terrible. I mean, its neat having 5 Perks and two Attachments really early on in the game, but sometimes I feel as if it doesn’t truly affect how quickly I kill or how long I survive. Just meaningless additions to a formula that does not change.

What doooooo I like? Well, the hit detection for BO2 on the PS3 is basically on par with MW3. Sure they are buttloads of times where you empty a clip relatively spot on or at a person 6 feet away AND NOT A GODDAMN HIT REGISTERS BUT ALL OF HIS WILD FUCKING SHOTS ARE MARK ON YOUR BOBBING AND WEAVING SKULL.

But hey, that is every Call of Duty game in existence. So far, it does not seem as bad as the original BO.

Shotguns: I base how good a game is on how well they tailor Shotguns.
[Quick history lesson!

CoD4: Pump action had pretty good range and reliable killing power in one shot, the semi-auto was nothing to sneeze at either.

W@W: They were, yknow, there. Lotta big open maps so I did not find them as useful as say, oh I don’t know, the MP-40 for close range encounters.

MW2: Class setup changed so now you can have any Primary weapon AND a Shotgun. Some of which you can DUAL WIELD and were so good they had to nerf them out of any and all usefulness. More types of Shotguns, and pretty much all of them were boss.

BO: Ruined the Shotguns forever by nerfing the Range, Damage, and firing mechanics due to the MASSIVE butthurt that resounded from the previous game.

When you fire the Shotguns from and earlier game while Aiming Down the Sight (ADS), the pellet spread widens. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but if you Run ‘n Gun with a Shottie (cause camping with one makes even more sense >_>), you never need to ADS since it takes precious moments to line the aim up THEN fire (pump next shell in, THEN ready to ADS AGAIN if using pump action) instead of just hipfiring since the pellets pretty much make it (or it SHOULD) a One Hit Kill (OHK) at close range. Its a reaction based gun.

BO changed it so when you ADS with a Shotgun, the spread tightens instead, and basically made it so hipfiring was near fucking useless. Along with the Damage and Range reduction and spotty hit detection, absolutely no reason to use any of them (other than Spaz Silenced which got better cause THAT MAKES A LOT OF FUCKING SENSE).

MW3: Started off underpowered and useless (pump needed about 2 OR MORE CLOSE RANGE HITS TO KILL) at the release (except for Striker) but combining certain Attachments made em meh. Later they got a much needed buff and the Attachments balanced out, making all the Shotties bearable. Still a bit underpowered to fully compete with everything else, but it was not a complete disaster. Kept the BO mechanics where ADS tightens the spread. Whatever. Assholes.]

Now, BO2: Been playing with the first Shotgun, pump action, a lot and I have mixed reactions. Bear naked with minimal Perks, it performs relatively decent. Obviously now ADS gives more of an edge than hipfiring, but there are ways around that.
Long Barrel gives it more Range, which means better Damage drop off over distance, and as the first Attachment right off the bat, is a perfect choice!
The Laser Sight Attachment is basically the old Steady Aim from what I understand, and combined with Long Barrel makes a great combination for hipfiring!
Running with Dual Perk Tiers 1 and 3, you can get some pretty reliable kills in 1- several hits (I’ve killed two people with one shot, I’ve hit one target with 4 shots, and I’ve had some shots that completely do not register).
Definitely an improvement so far compared to the last couple games.

Went on a bit off there…

Maps! The maps are either really good or really bad! SURPRISE, right? Most maps have a larger feel to them, with plenty of alleyways or paths winding in and out of spawns, buildings, and open areas. Buildings you can enter in seem to be a bit more small in terms of room space but most have several stories. Lots of ways to flank the teams (which I enjoy) or places to set up traps or watch areas (annoying but efficient).

Still hate that aircraft carrier map. A fine example of what I hate most in this game and BO1 (MW series were not AS bad): Spawns.

When I spawn, I assume that within the first, lets sayyyyy 5, 5 seconds of my new life that I am NOT GOING TO BE RUSHED BY AN ENEMY. Or spawned right in front of someone camping up in a window.
Except that does happen, a lot in fact.

In CoD4 and W@W, a simple fact was drilled into my head: When enemies die, there is a really fucking good chance that their body will exploded with Martyrdom. DON’T RUN OVER OR NEAR CORPSES. Simple as that. Saves a lot of frustration and its a simple rule.

Same concept can be applied to BO 2: WHEN YOU SPAWN THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN ENEMY NEAR YOU. You gotta be on guard from the moment you are able to pull that trigger. Really shakes up the whole team based play, seeing as how the enemies juggle your ‘mates around so they cannot hold down a position and contentiously switch the spawns so everyone is separated and easily picked off.

So, never think you are safe, even if you just respawned, there is always someone behind you, sunning to the side, or lying in wait in that hallway right there. Yep, the one directly in front of you. 20-30 foot radius of being spawned, there will always be an enemy. Bitter truths that are learned in life.

I’m sure more likes and gripes will arrive the more I play this game. Which I suppose was inevitable. Fuck.