Christmas is just the means to afford MAGfest, which is THE convention that a majority of my friends now go to every year. The sacred pilgrimage of nerds, geeks, and fans that flock all over from the East Coast to the promise of 24 hour games, music, and bawling parties. 40+ of us will drive down and attend a con that is exploding with thousands of new attendees every year. I won’t get a fancy new phone/camera this year, but I still want to take buttloads of awesome pictures to make up for last years pitiful coverage (Ianko smoking a cigarette sitting next to a pool of ‘blood’ is by far the best. Next to the psychedelic Peep Shop).

School is done for about a month or so, art may finally have time again.

Black Ops 2 is THE worst FPS to date. Time will not heal those wounds or make the game any better. Keep sucking dicks to afford those DLCs they keep shitting out and wasting time playing Hijacked every Map and complaining about how OP SMGs are.
I’ve moved on to 37 gigs of James Bond movies (SEED THAT, YOU MOTHER FUCKERS), and Two Worlds or whatever Americo now has me hooked on with him xD. It’s like I am his video game drug buddy, he gets me addicted to things with him and then I can’t stop.

Lets see… work and patrons keep feeding me chocolate every day xD
Might have an opportunity in a field of research, which would be AMAAAAAAAAZING!
And by writing all of this I am stalling instead of actually drawing!