A bit of a tangent that I wrote down one night at a bar while watching holiday commercials in the end of November 2012. A bit late, but my self conscious wasn’t that high about the work itself. FUCK IT! ITS GOING LIVE (on the Internet)!

Holiday Bombs-

“The Great War was on. It was a new age of the Digital Era. Commercials bombarding you with the promises of tomorrow of which only Right Now can bring to you, with the full awareness that six months from now there would be a gentle push in development that would mark today as obsolete.

Those that hold out for the promise of one day having a steady hold on only one period of this evolutionary arms race will find themselves King for a day, then lost and forgotten as the surge pushes on.

That is how they get you. Like a good substance provider, they get you hooked on that first blissful taste. Anything after that, you feel compelled not to be left behind. There is no way you can go back to The Way It Was Before, to be left behind in this marvelous Age of Advancement.

We are the Change and we must be One with it, no matter the costs. A singularity. It is a perfect game of products, and They take full advantage of it. No longer are there leaps and bounds in the Great Push On, causing stirs of interest and cries of amazement. Now there is only the slow controlled trickle of marketing. Get them hooked and slowly give them upgrades, never anything new or different and you have a customer for life.

And it does not end with technology alone. No, it bleeds you into the realm of Entertainment and other similar worlds, an unholy matrimony of sluggish advancement comprised of Addiction and Need.”