Just cause I have exams, work, and play 2 different addicting video games doesn’t mean I forgot about drawing! The final collaboration piece will be done soon! Promise! xD

So, here is the latest, based off the pencil sketch that can be found on the Facebook page.

That there is Maya using her ability to heal allies with her bullets. Cause Salvador is a punk and keeps biting off more than he can chew. He does this to make up for the fact that steroids have made his balls tiny.

Only played Salvador up to like, level 12 and I gotta say, I’m not very impressed. However, I know the character’s abilities truly do not shine until around level 40 or so.

Now Maya? She’s friggin BOSS. Most people that run groups in multiplayer use her healing tree to help out allies.

Not me. Her third tree makes her Phaselock actually useful (past the aspect of an enemy is suspended in the air for a few seconds), especially with that big pay off ability in the end of the tree. Bonus chance for Elemental Damage makes Elemental Weapons that are lower levels on par or better than non-Elementals that are at a higher level, and that’s just dope.

Once you get to the end of that tree, THEN I suggest you push on into the middle/healing tree, or (what I am currently toying with) going into the first tree to maximize Phaselock time (which means more damage due to the third tree abilities) and to group enemies together (combined with the final ability in third tree, I estimate this to be awesome).

I love playing around with the abilities and re-specing every now and then to find the craziest way to play the character.