Yea, it has been a while.

And yes, I think this piece looks like shit, but whatever, I needed it done.

Been busy with school, and stupid things like CoD:BO2 and mild depression (the latter apparently being solved by drinking a whole bunch of tequila and cold sake for our annual friend fueled Secondsgiving, getting a crippling migraine, taking a drunk shower during a party to curb the growing head pains which further floods an already poop-water filled basement due to a broken septic tank or something, then vomiting, then not being allowed to sleep in an empty bedroom floor for attempts to get rid of said migraine since it was the only quiet fucking area left, then being driven home and taking 2 more showers, and finally passing out. Woke up with that feeling completely erased. SUCCESS!).

Getting rid of BO2, just got done another major test, so hopefully the next piece will look better. ALMOST DONE THESE, I promise!