This is going to be unique in the sense that I will not be actually drawing out my depiction of the new Call of Duty game because, well, I feel like I would have put in more work and thought into the piece than the entire goddamn companies that did the development and system of the game. So I shall take a soapbox stand to this one. Basically, all my effort will be wasted in words instead of pictures.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II- Nothing has truly changed.

Let me open this up by saying, my very first Call of Duty experience was CoD:2. I played it for like, a night, and while fun, there was not too much to it and I did not do very well but back then I rarely played FPS games. Then I truly got hooked with CoD4:MW and I have played every console version since. During this time, I have made many observations about gameplay, style, statistics, etc and I can say with this latest game, the opening statement is true- Nothing has truly changed with this game compared to the previous titles.

That is not to say certain aspects have undergone some tweaking such as Class and Perk setups, Attachments, and a much needed improvements in overall graphics, but there does not seem to be any game changing points, let alone positive aspects. But perhaps its the little things to consider.

As stated, the visuals finally look about on par with today’s games as opposed to the first BO where it was as if they took it a generation backwards. The sounds in the game have gotten a nice tweak: explosions sound crisper, headshots are extremely satisfying to hear, catchy dubby music rolls in nicely, and my personal favorite sound adjustment is when a teammate that is near you dies and your character acknowledges this with a phrase. This is helpful for when I am not constantly glancing at my mini-map or do not visually notice the little skull emblem on screen marking a ‘mates death and what I cannot perceive visually is now marked with audio.

::character yells about teammate dying close to me::
“Huh, I guess there is an enemy nearby, I better fix that and watch this corner.” ::BAMBABMBAMBAM:: “Oh, look, he’s dead and I got a Revenge emblem for that. Guess he was the one snooping around here.”

Now, that can work against me in reversed roles, and sometimes I do not find it necessary to scream “I’M OUT OF AMMO AND AM CURRENTLY RELOADING!” when sneaking around the enemy spawn, but hey. Small miracles, huh?

Yea, they redesigned the whole Perk and Class system setup, whole bunch of fancy schmancy Attachments, but so far I have not seen anything really exciting or effective, minus that one Scope where it is pretty much half of a hack (soon the game will do everything for you thus making actual players obsolete, just a circus of AI killing each other).

Guess what, after all that Class customizing, you are still gonna die just as quick when that jackass turns the corner and empties his entire mag (clip, whatever) on and around you. Or in the all too frequent cases where you spawn and LO AND BEHOLD, there’s the Devil himself ‘guised as an opponent waiting for you in the spawn or the alleys with the temptation of quick easy kills but delivers quick and unmerciful death.

On that point, the spawns are still GAWDAWFUL. Watched my buddy spawn at least three times in a row and each time either an enemy was waiting for him upon respawning or they were camping all of the exits leading out of the spawn to the ‘rest of the damn map’. Or, better yet, for those super big maps, you run all the way around, miss everyone, check the spawn area and get nothing, and as soon as you turn around the spawns switch and you are back to running across the map again. Or the spawns change and dump the whole enemy team on you. That’s always fun.

Mapping out (SO. WITTY.) to another point, the maps themselves! What the fuck is it about shooting up run down neighborhoods? Seriously? Nothing gets me off harder than ripping poverty apart with bullets that cost more than cars down there. Whatever.
Treyarch seems to enjoy having all different types of cover, literally everywhere. So at any point bullets will hail from sources that you cannot friggin trace back and hit. But, that works either way.
Some maps seems way too linear and small, essentially spawn or hallway camping, or even recycled from old BO maps (aircraft carrier felt just like the nuclear missile base)!
Treyarch also likes to include really big maps, which is sorta nice compared to the small boxed-in feel of MW3. Areas such at these can be frustrating without constant UAVs or other radar or Sensor enhancements, so sometimes it seems gamestyle is focused on maps more so than actual individual weapon setups in certain occasions. I like the concept of it.

They kept their Emblem customization. Whatever. I just want to make my smoking Loa skull and feed it the souls of electronic bodies that I murder. Digital deity. I’m getting sidetracked.

My biggest peeve? How the firing system and hit detection seems to be the SAME EXACT way from the first BOs. BO had a LOT of problems. Tons. Volumes of problems. To not acknowledge this would be blissful ignorance. One of these was the unholy system of how when I fire bullets, they seem too slow to connect to a target or to just disappear and not do anything in general.
But that happens in every online FPS. Its called lag, or ping, or stuff. I don’t know. I’m actually starting to believe in Connection Speed Curses and magic. You get someones IP address instead of hair or blood and write up an unholy script/chant and cackle as Migrating Host pops up or something.

BO had all that, which is normal, and combined it with a slow and shitty hit detection system. Even the weapons that have high RoF have terrible detection, that last bullet that gets you the kill seems so SLOW between when it was fired, when it hit, and when the body and status of the target is actually marked as dead and when you receive the points for the kill.
And they carried it over to this game. Has not changed. One. Bit.

Sure I haven’t seen any good Killstreaks in action, my friend was only level 17 in 3 hours and everyone else in the lobby was a lower level, but that all the good stuff is in the end, right?

Zombies? Zombies got boring as fuck. Stopped caring a long time ago. I thought WoW was bad in the sense that it has been said to be a game that you pay for every month and yet you cannot win it’ (don’t remember the exact phrase or where it was said), but to play a wave game over and over and over with the same outcome and no rewards? That might be an actual definition of insanity. At least Borderlands gives me lootable weapons that are different every now and then to keep me interested.

Single Player? People still do that? Well, apparently it is a big ol Sandbox game this time around. I have not played or seen anything about it, so no more comments.

tl;dr- Its a CoD game with MW style graphics and weapon setups but with the BO firing style and hit detection. Essentially what the first BO SHOULD HAVE BEEN. So it is a game two years too late.

I don’t know if I want to get it still or not xD It has been suggested I have an addictive and masochistic personality .