Ok, sooooo…. how do I explain this one?

Couple days ago (8/27/12 or 8/28/12) I glanced up at the TV at work and saw that CNN was covering the potential of Isaac (then a tropical storm I believe, but I think they were referring to its power as a hurricane class storm), and the bottom headliner of the screen read something like “NOLAN: IT WILL PUT A HURT ON YOU” which made me immediately think of one of my favorite songs, so the only Nolan I could find was Nolan V. Rollins from New Orleans, and I touched him up Screamin Jay Hawkins’ style.

Now, the news coverage could be a completely DIFFERENT Nolan all together, and I am no way inciting that Nolan V. Rollins is involved in any type of Voodoo (even if his job is based in New Orleans, which works to my pictures advantage. Hell, even his name helped with a knock-off version of SJH’s!), but I felt like I was onto an idea, and there ya go!

I feel that my shading is getting better, and hope to properly shade different types of surface textures instead of treating them all the same. Feel kinda ‘bleh’ about the hurricane effect, but whatev’s.

And, yes, I drew Drownin Nolan to look goofy on purpose.
Lolith the Abomination is some undetermined spider spawn horror I may deal with later, and Oxford, well, I have plans for him.
Hurricane effect tutorial that I used can be found here.