Here is the first of an unfinished work. It will most likely remain unfinished because either I found all the punchlines too weak during the drawing production or the artwork is crap by my standards or obsolete. In this case, its both. But I really liked this panel so I kept it and it can be used as an eye pleaser.

I was involved in FO:NV for a bit but, as with FO3, I just lost interest. I find it more fun to listen to the Mad Ox tell the stories of his characters in these games than actually play them myself, I get a bit too min/max to enjoy creating my own backstory and developing character.

This was suppose to be a comic that includes one of my characters and my two favorite companions in the game: Boone and ED-E. The joke was suppose to be about the fact that if you give companions certain weapons and armor, they don or use them.
Example: Boone. When I found the Space Suit, I considered it useful, but only in certain situations since I’m a sucker for Light and Medium armor for DT and I hate having excess weight in my inventory (Hardcore mode ONLY) when I can just pop a bunch of Rad-X and Rad-Away to combat Radiation, so I gave it to Boone to hold on to and the mother fucker puts it on and struts around blinging his shades like he’s battling the goddamn sun in space. I thought I was the only one who let this happen, but apparently Dennis did this too, and deemed this getup as Space Boone, who I always continued to use thereafter.
Hence, Space Boone in this comic and the reference in this one. Specially since NV and the events of Andromeda Strain both happen in Nevada.

The joke with ED-E is that it’s a goddamn portable Bag of Holding, it can hold gallons of shit, so if we stuff it full of Rocket Launchers, Sniper Rifles, Fat Mans, and any other heavy weapons, it’ll wield them and become a satellite of death with its upgraded lasers. Sadly, this was not the case in actuality.

Well, it would happen in the comic, ED-E hovers over a mountain of Raiders and Ghouls with the Character in triumph, but the last frame is the main character waking up from a Jet fueled bender with the events being a hallucination, as he is surrounded by the empty inhalants remembering that he is starving and dying. Touching stuff, really.