Woohoo! Krieg from Borderlands 2! I used the GAUZE Skin and the I HEAR YOUR BLOOD face since the helmet reminds me of General Grievous so much.

I forgot about Krieg’s tube from his left arm leading to his harness, his necklaces, and the cloth wrapping around his right arm :c

All done in Illustrator using another new technique, which took a few days to get the hang of, but I like how it turned out. Except for the blood spray. Whatever. I DONT CARE, I LOVE IT!

Here is the sketch done in Illustrator:

Lines done with Blob Brush:GAUZEITline

Colors using Live Paint Bucket:GAUZEITcolor

Shades using Gradient:GAUZEITshade

Throw it all together:GAUZEITcombo

Add background and blood!