My outfit for most of the MAGfests was a giant nappy lime green robe (however I did not bring it this MAGfest).

A few weeks before KATSUcon, my friend Jim and I got these bawlingly comfy robes at Target, and this has now become my new Convention Outfit/Uniform: Bawling robe, slippers that offer TERRIBLE support, knee high socks, cigarettes, and a Wawa jug filled with some sort of alcoholic beverage that mixes well/decent with tea.

So many people compliment on the robe, in fact, that is a leading factor in meeting new people on cigarette breaks and hanging out with them later. One person asked if I was Arthur from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, which actually isn’t a bad idea. I just have to carry a towel around, which is great considering the pools/hot tubs at the cons/hotels.

Wear the robe, you’ll understand the Power.

People will also compliment you on the Wawa jug. My outfit is dope.