My very first attempt at making a short comic series I did back in January/February based off of Mass Effect 2. So far I only have 2 pages. It was suppose to go on for a short summary of the entire game, but I gave up on it, mainly because I was relearning Photoshop and Illustrator at the time and this was one of my first big projects with my tablet and laptop so each panel for each page took me a super long time to get done.

Right around January of ’12, I was super bored with my lack of video games, so I ended up buying ME2 since I enjoyed the first one so much.

I fucking hated it. So goddamn much. And they took out my goddamn MOONBUGGY to force me into orbital mining! Fucking wankers!

::cough:: I have my reasons to hate the shit out of that game, you may absolutely love it. Does not matter either way.