Back when Presidents and politicians were men, eh? Teddy Roosevelt, obviously. A man I greatly admire.

This was basically my very first attempt to use my new Bamboo Wacom Create tablet and was done entirely in Photoshop, back before I knew what Illustrator was. I was so happy when I got my new toy and this was my project that I worked before and on Christmas day last year :3

I chose to keep all the layers visible since it looks so much better than with just the ‘final’ black layer up.

As stated, this was all sketched in Photoshop with a tablet, my problem is that when drawing using the two together, the lines are shaky when I wanted smooth lines. I’m not sure if its my settings on my tablet or Photoshop, my tablet itself, my hand, or what, but I could not get the lines to look as great as other webartists that I admire. Eventually I found out about Illustrator and it is much closer to the result that I wanted, but I still feel that I am missing something…

Any suggestions to remedy this would be greatly appreciated and should be directed to the site’s Facebook Page!