Get it? Its cause he’s a CLONE.

Ahsoka says some of the most inappropriate phrases during those series, its as if she has absolutely ZERO consideration of anything going on around her. Or she is just oblivious and thinks that she’s all that.

Fucking done with this fucking fuckitty fuck fucking comic. FAWK. Don’t care anymore, its fucking done and up. Took WAY. TOO. LONG to get this done, by the last frame, you can definitely see a decline in quality, but it had to be done or it will be in the ‘non-completed zone’ forever.

Used a new program for the text bubbles, and it kept making my crappy Macbook freeze up, took way too much work to edit, transfer, and re-size, but I had to give it a test drive. Unsure if it is worth the extra frustration of tweaking for the sake of cleaner looking text bubbles.

At least that first frame isn’t half bad.