So, does this mean that anytime the Doctor travels to any time period on Earth before that moment that they found out about The Silence, they are just always there? Just fucking with shit and watching. Staring. Making every waking moment a living hell then instantly wiping away the memory.

That’s a fantastic thought settling in the back of your mind. FOREVER.

The episodes of Dr. Who have gotten better since I lasted watched the show.
I pretty much stopped watching because every episode was a gimmick and a routine formula behind how the everything was resolved. And it got really predictable and tiring.

But the first two episodes of season 6 I find especially terrifying. Like, my brain itched, my body shivered, and my dreams were haunted because of them. And I enjoyed it thoroughly.
I was over my friend Bill’s place and I ended up watching some Doctor.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are glaring plot holes in the episodes just like any other, but I can overlook them because of the content.

*SPOILERS*: That part where Amy wandered into a locked room? And her hand just lights up with a message? A terrifying message? And as she turns around she is suddenly covered in markers of all the Silence she keeps seeing? And how EVERY FUCKING TIME SHE TURNS AROUND SHE JUST FORGETS THEY ARE THERE AND THUS KEEPS WANDERING AROUND OBLIVIOUS UNTIL SHE REDISCOVERS THEM?

Yea, I almost fucking lost it during that part.

What fresh new hell is this?